Bajaj Freedom 125 Launch CNG Bike| India’s First CNG Bike

Monday, July 8, 2024

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We all have listened about CNG cars and also many of us own them but have you ever listened about a CNG bike? Yes, you read it right! Bajaj Automobiles has recently launched its new variation which is CNG equipped and this variation has made a stand in whole industry as it is the India’s First CNG Bike which is Bajaj Freedom 125. It runs on both CNG as well as petrol and this feature makes the bike user-friendly and choice friendly. 

Operating a bike on CNG is fun and who would have thought that a CNG bike would come in the market soon. There’s a rise in petrol prices every now and then also the air pollution is also increasing so Bajaj got its solution out to pay some effect- CNG Bikes.

Let’s delve into this article more and learn more about Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG Bike

Fuel Options 

Bajaj Freedom 125 has got you covered in 2 options. One is the old, traditional petrol option and the other one is all new CNG option. One comes with dual fuel efficiency which allows you to switch whenever you want to and the other is the CNG options which operates only on CNG gas. 


Don’t think that CNG won’t be that much efficient than petrol is. The Bajaj Freedom 125 gives you a super performance as it gives you a power of 9.5Ps @ 8000 on CNG which ensures that you get a comfortable and smooth riding experience. This bike claims that it has a whopping capacity of 102 kilometer per kilo of CNG usage and that is definitely cost saving then petrol. 

Variants and design 

Freedom 125 is for all the riders and especially everyday commute one’s as it is designed according to that. It has 3 variants which are the base one NG04 Drum Variant, middle one NG04 Drum LED variant and the top one NG04 Disc LED variant. These variants cater according to your needs and preference and also depending on your budget as well.


Environmental Impact 

Bajaj Freedom 125 has released their variant keeping in mind the environmental impact which it pays. That is the reason why CNG variant is launched. One with a twin to have an ease in switching and one in total CNG gas. 


Bajaj Freedom 125 CNG comes with latest technology, fuel efficiency, cost-saving mechanism and environment friendly variant it Is the most suitable purchase you would ever make. It has set a new benchmark and has enormous benefits discussed above. This bike is set to become most popular choice of customers soon. Happy vehicle hopping with Wheelsbingo



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